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Informit Delivery Box – FAQ

Why do I get an Error message when I upload my files?

There is something wrong with the file you are trying to upload. Please try the following:

  • Check that the file is a PDF (Portable Document Format). It is only possible to upload PDF files.
  • Check that the filename does not contain any symbols such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * \ / ? : * " > < |

What is the “Note for Informit” field for?

If there is any unusual information you think we may require, for example: delays in publication, changes in frequency of publication or other useful information, you can enter it into this field.

When I try to enter details for a new Issue, I see a message stating “This new issue already exists”.

This is because the details you are trying to enter match those of an Issue we already have in the system. This can occur in the following instances:

  1. The files for the Issue in question have already been delivered. In this case, when you select the Issue from the drop-down you’ll see the message “This Issue has been delivered. The files are listed below”. If you need to make any changes to the Issue, or send us new files, please contact us.
  2. The Issue has been created but files have yet to be delivered. The Issue may have been created in advance for scheduling purposes. If this is the case, simply confirm that the Issue details are accurate (or update and save them as necessary), upload your files and select “Deliver”.

Note: If the Issue you’ve tried to enter does not appear in the drop-down list, please contact us so we may resolve the situation.

A message is telling me to “Select the issue from the drop-down list at Step 1”, but the Issue I’m trying to deliver doesn’t appear.

If an Issue has been deleted from the Delivery Box, it can’t be created again until we remove the details from our database; this helps us avoid having invalid or unnecessary data associated with your publication.

If you see this message, please contact us and we’ll remove the Issue from our database and let you know when you can send us your files.

I uploaded my files yesterday/last week/last month but I haven’t received a receipt email yet, or I can’t see the new Issue on Informit.

Until you select the “Deliver” button the files are not sent to us for indexing. Please check the Issue in the Delivery Box; if the files have a status of “Ready to Deliver” then they haven’t been sent to us and we won’t have indexed the Issue.

Please make sure you always follow these three steps when delivering an Issue to us:

  1. Create or update the Issue details,
  2. Upload the files for the Issue, and
  3. Click “Deliver”.
What is the File Report tab?

The Informit Delivery Box checks your files to ensure they meet publishing industry standards. The File Report provides the results of these checks. Please refer to the Informit Delivery Box – User Guide for further details or contact us if you have any questions.

How do I schedule a reminder for a future Issue?

You can schedule an email to be sent to your inbox as a reminder to deliver your files to us when your Issue is published.

On the Schedule Reminder tab, simply select Edit next to the relevant Issue, check Reminder Status to make the reminder active, enter the Reminder Date and click Update.

You can also add additional email addresses in the CC field (separate multiple addresses with a comma), and type in a Note to be included in the email.

I need to change my contact details.

You can add, edit or delete contact details on the Manage Contacts tab.

If you have more than one publication on Informit, you can assign a contact to additional titles by clicking Assign and selecting from the dropdown list.

Important note: Royalty contact details cannot be edited via the Delivery Box. If you wish to edit the details for a royalty contact please contact us.

I’ve forgotten my user name and password.

Your Informit Delivery Box user name and password are the same as your Informit Admin details. If you can’t remember your user name or password, please contact us.

Informit Delivery Box – User Guide

Download a copy of the Informit Delivery Box – User Guide.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you need assistance with any aspect of the Informit Delivery Box.